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CMW Virtual Voices Series | Sept. 7th

CMW Virtual Voices Series | Sept. 7th

In this Q&A with veteran entertainment reporter Rudy Blair, Kordyback talks about adapting to a DIY era, writing hits on GarageBand, switching from the “jam” approach to solo songwriting, listening to and co-writing with other artists to widen his creative palette, and – most importantly – shedding the notion that there is only one way to do anything.

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How are local music community leaders emerging with new ideas and organizations out of the Pandemic? 

Our Mission: A gathering of lived experiences and workable ideas

We bring together diverse local music leaders and creators online to learn and share from local community response, emergent solutions, and heroic efforts to support local artists, venues, creative communities, and support networks in the surge/challenges of the COVID-19.

  • Unique practices that may transfer to other areas
  • Ways to learn between great ecosystems and communities of communities
  • New combinations of business and community models – bridges beyond streaming
  • “After” – rebuilding trust, conflicts for space/time/funds, challenges of funding in a community rebuilding mode