Article 17: Are We Ready? | Dec. 8-9, 2020

Pex, the market leader in digital rights technology, is teaming up with the Music Business Association, the leading music industry trade association, to offer deep insights into Article 17, the European Union copyright directive that is set to shake up copyright law and the user-generated content ecosystem.

Titled “Article 17: Are We Ready?”, the 2-day conference (from 11am-1pm ET on Tuesday, December 8 and Wednesday, December 9) features leaders from copyright law, UGC platforms, rights holder organizations, European music associations, and many more areas that will be affected by this momentous change in copyright law that will be felt worldwide.

Would you like to report on this conference and its important discussions of the upcoming changes wrought by Article 17? A press release, with much more detail, is pasted below. Please contact me if you need any further information or would like to talk to a representative from Pex about this event.

Important links:
Event page, with full schedule, linked here

Registration pagelinked here – Please note: Registration is free to interested parties and must be done ahead of time to receive the Zoom link for the event.

Visual assetslinked here – includes graphics for the conference, Pex, and the Music Business Association