Viva Sounds – Sweden

Viva Sounds is about the power of live music. And they wanna get thrills by amazing bands and artists from their own neighborhood mixed up with invited and awesome ones from other parts of Sweden, and from other corners of the world as well. They’ve got 30+ shows lined up December 3 – 4 to get you smiling, dancing, and jumping around between the eight venues where you’ll have minds blown, musically speaking. All easy with all stages within walking distance from Järntorget to Stigbergstorget.


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The event is produced by Westside Music Sweden, a small company shouting about the (indie) music community, the businesses, and the artists, from Gothenburg and the region of Västra Götaland. Formed as a platform, they’re built on 45 partners all active in the world of indie. They work hard to facilitate relevant live opportunities, produce media, and push releases to up the traction and the number of international establishments and networks from their own music scene.