Best Practices on Zoom

We are thrilled to have you joining us for Amplify Music 2021! This brief guide is designed to ensure we can make you look and sound your best for your panel on Zoom.

What You’ll Need

  1. Strong internet connection (preferably wired via Ethernet)
  2. Earbuds or headphones (wired or wireless)
  3. Strong internet connection (preferably wired via Ethernet)

Recording Environment

  • Find a quiet room with minimal hard surfaces
    • Avoid kitchens, garages or empty rooms
  • Rooms with good ceiling lighting are preferable

  • If you are in a room with windows:
    • Face the window for best lighting
    • Ensure there are no windows behind you in view of the camera
    • If you have the option to close blinds and curtains, please do so
  • Avoid having any light source behind you, as you will appear in shadow on camera

  • Turn off fans or air conditioners

Reminders & Best Practices

  • Please silence your phone, including vibrations
  • You will be on camera for the entire session, so please refrain from doing other activities while we are recording
  • Look into your camera as much as possible, especially when speaking
  • Make sure you keep your head centered on camera. Imagine your eyes lining up with a line ⅔ up the screen. Neither your chin or the top of your head should be cut off