Music Policy Forum Labs | July 23rd

The Music Policy Forum’s mission is to support the creation of stronger, more resilient, and more equitable music ecosystems. To that end, their monthly MPF Lab series invites partners and stakeholders to join in a high-level, intimate dialog with field leaders as they explore ideas, organizations, and innovations across the music community.

Their next MPF Lab will take place on Friday, July 23 from 2:00 – 3:30 pm eastern and will feature a preview of The Lewis Prize for Music’s groundbreaking national study of the Creative Youth Development (CYD) sector.  This report explores the full scope and shape of Creative Youth Development’s contributions to the personal, community, and civic health of the United States. They’ve sought to model CYD values with the inclusion of young adult voices alongside more mature authors and researchers and included national data and local stories that all lead to important questions for us all to answer together.


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