AM21 | Session 01: Welcome

Welcome to Day 1 of Amplify Music 2021 on Local Music Communities. Today's theme is "Expanding Music in 2021”; how are we amplifying and expanding music?

AM21 | Session 25: Rethinking Music Jobs

Where will music jobs be? And will jobs of the future look the same or do we have retraining ahead for the new-er music industries in cities across the world?

AM21 | Session 26: Rethinking Music Tourism

In the past year, both live music and tourism took a hit, so cities that held both were doubly damaged. How will music tourism change in a post-pandemic world?

AM21 | Session 27: Rethinking Nightlife

Music is part of nightlife, but the nightlife industries are a lot more than music. What practical actions and strategies are needed and planned for recovery?

AM21 | Session 30: Wrapping Up

This is a series of roundtables where the topics stay and the attendees move from table to table on topics of where we can Co-Imagine Music in 2025.