01 – Welcome

Gigi Johnson and Storm Gloor will share the origins of the Amplify Music idea, which started from their canceled SXSW “Future of Music Cities” session.  They then will share how the program for April 23 and 24 was expanded and the 11 Core Themes planned for the following week. They will talk about the structure around-the-clock and around-the-world to date, and plans to follow.

02 – What is Resilience?

We begin the conference with one of our core conversations: What is Resilience?

We are speaking of communities and music, and are walking right into proof and challenges of what is Resilience in our local music communities. Matthew Kowal, who has been building coalitions recently around the Mellon Foundation funded Art of Mass Gatherings work, begins our conversations of what Resilience is in an age of structural and demographic change, climate change, and structural emergencies that can suddenly descend upon our local communities.

34 – How Data is Collectable/Collected Toward Local Action and Recovery

Organizations locally and globally have been surveying their communities and building a growing body of COVID19-economic-impact data. How can these datasets be compiled into something that can benefit the nightlife and music advocates for scenes and cities around the world? How can the data be woven into effective storytelling? What opportunities may exist in combining or comparing multiple datasets from different cities and/or surveys?