14 – Australia and Role of Governments and Cities

By now Governments and cities around the world recognise the essential role they play in supporting the economy during Covid-19 and kickstarting it once restrictions are lifted. It is essential that music and the creative industries are around the table when recovery plans are being drawn up. In order to rebuild and in some cases reimagine their economies, Governments and cities need to recognise the value of music and the creative industries and relax and adopt cultures that say yes and enable creative activity and enterprise. By drawing advanced manufacturing, music and vibrant cities agendas and integrated design thinking, Governments and industry in Australia have have been working together to leverage music and the creative industries for social and economic gain.

25 – Part II: Nightlife: Working with Government on Response

The last six weeks have been a whirlwind. Nightlife leaders, nighttime commissions and “night mayors” have responded quickly to the COVID-19 crisis through network- and platform-building, advocacy, and sharing open-source ideas from one city to another. VibeLab offers a two-part conversation with nightlife leaders from cities worldwide: Part I will highlight models that have been developed in one city and adopted in another (including livestreaming, surveys, and network-building). Part II will dig deeper into strategies for advocating for nightlife with local government. We’ll highlight current successes as well as challenges. All tools will be available open-source on, to make it easy to adapt these ideas to your own scene. How do nightlife advocates fight for support for their scene with local government—especially when overcoming negative perceptions of night economies, or limited policy- or decision-making power?

29 – COVID-19, and then what?

Numerous small organisations are the motor and guarantor of the diversity of the European live music sector – a delicate balance based on fragile economic grounds for most organisations. What can we do now to sustain the diversity of Europe’s live music scene and avoid that the most fragile actors are forced to abandon? How can the sector as a whole support the diversity and prevent survival of the fittest mechanisms?

32.1- What This Crisis Taught Us About the Current Music Industry Infrastructure and How to Plan for the Future

As the music industry tackles the current challenges and tries to minimize the negative impacts brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, we turn our gaze both to the past and future to discuss what didn’t work in the way live music, nightlife and artist support were structured, and how infrastructures should be rebuilt in order to create a safer, more resilient and inclusive industry for all.

34 – How Data is Collectable/Collected Toward Local Action and Recovery

Organizations locally and globally have been surveying their communities and building a growing body of COVID19-economic-impact data. How can these datasets be compiled into something that can benefit the nightlife and music advocates for scenes and cities around the world? How can the data be woven into effective storytelling? What opportunities may exist in combining or comparing multiple datasets from different cities and/or surveys?

36 – Important Takeaways from Katrina: The Challenges of New Orleans are the World’s Challenges

Resilience can stem from disruption and disaster. New Orleans suffered that in abundance after Hurricane Katrina. How did the recovery from Katrina prepare (or not prepare) New Orleans for the changes after and now for the COVID-19 pandemic? How did these past challenges impact the New Orleans music industry? What lessons did the local music community learn? How will the current challenges affect New Orleans after the pandemic?

42.1 – Festivals as Classrooms for Resilience: The Art of Mass Gatherings

For an exploration into workable ideas, please join Matthew Ché Kowal of Majestic Collaborations for a quick and deep dive into this newly funded national project that creates a classroom within a festival that considers Safety, Resiliency and Equity best practices.